Eco Anxiety: What is it and how to cope.

Eco anxiety refers to the mental health issues experienced by an individual as a direct result of their increased awareness of the climate crisis. Most people are aware, to some extent, that climate change can impact their physical health with air pollution, food poverty and disease all being associated with climate change. However, eco anxietyContinue reading “Eco Anxiety: What is it and how to cope.”

Press Release 2021

Climate Craic Northern Ireland’s Inaugural Climate Festival Northern Ireland’s first climate festival will be hosted by Climate Craic on Sunday September 19th, 2021. The event will be held in the grounds of the Stormont Estate and is open to people of all ages who would like to learn more about and celebrate climate activism. ClimateContinue reading “Press Release 2021”

Who is behind Climate Craic?

This is a brief introduction to Climate Craic, in its earliest stages. I hope within a month or 2 this post becomes royally outdated and there are many more team members. In the meantime, this will do to get us started! At this moment, there are 3 key people behind Climate Craic; Jacinta, Jemma andContinue reading “Who is behind Climate Craic?”