Who is behind Climate Craic?

This is a brief introduction to Climate Craic, in its earliest stages. I hope within a month or 2 this post becomes royally outdated and there are many more team members. In the meantime, this will do to get us started!

At this moment, there are 3 key people behind Climate Craic; Jacinta, Jemma and Rebecca-Jane. We met on a program by the British Council & Co-operation Ireland, and in response are creating social action projects. Each has their main baby. For myself (Jacinta) it is Climate Craic. For Jemma, it is the Climate Cabaret. For Rebecca-Jane it is Climate Action on Film. Each of these projects are still in the early stages so we will post a blog on each of them in foreseeable future.

A bit about me. My name is Jacinta Hamley. I am a long term eco gal and full time advocate for life. I strive to keep my environmental and social action intersectional, recognising that social and environmental justice are inseparable. From an early age I realised that the environment (and life on it) is the most fundamental aspect to our existence – it is the air we breath, the water that nourishes us and food that fuels us. I have always been keen to respect and protect it. This led me to study Earth, Energy and Sustainability at a Liberal Arts & Sciences College in the Netherlands. After graduating in 2019, I took part in a climate action project called Sail to the COP. As a team of 36 environmentalists, we sailed across the Atlantic ocean calling for sustainable travel – through lobbying politicians at COP25 (an annual global climate conference) and raising awareness of the issue.

The loving Sail to the COP family

What did I learn from Sail to the COP?

I was inspired by the power of community. That there is strength in caring and greater strength in caring together. That as a collective, we can transform that care for the wellbeing of our planet and its inhabitants into lasting change. That when many motivated people come together – incredible things are created. And most beautifully of all, we are not alone in this. We are not alone in feeling powerless, scared, angry, anxious. When we come together we can transform those feelings into action, support and friendship.

I also realised that the place in which I can have the greatest impact will be in my own home. That I need to apply my conceptual knowledge and international experience at a local level. Ground it in the reality of where I grew up. I was inspired to mobilise citizens in attending COP26 – to call for strong political action and a green recovery from the Covid crisis. This idea transformed into something even more exciting; Climate Craic.

The idea behind Climate Craic

Climate Craic will build upon the existing movement here in NI. It is to focus on political action in 2021, at Stormont (through the Climate Bill) and hopefully through a physical presence at COP26 in Glasgow. We want to shine light on the joyous and beautiful aspects of climate action, while also creating space to support and empower each other. We have many ideas of how Climate Craic will evolve but are always open to fresh perspectives and energy. So if you have any capacity and interest to join and support us please get in touch!

A few words by Jemma

From beginning an Artificial Intelligence degree to dropping-out and studying at circus school to then volunteering at spiritual centres around Europe (until a global pandemic hit), my life has been a bit all-over-the-place in the last five years! But the one constant has always been wanting to make the world a better place.

I have always had an affinity for nature and harmonious ways of living but it’s only been more recently that I’ve begun to educate myself on activism. I am currently producing an online fundraising Climate Cabaret to premiere on 26th September in lead-up to the COP. As a performer, I believe art is an essential part of activism given it’s potential to change people’s hearts and minds. I hope I can help do my part in bringing us closer towards the Eco-utopia we all deserve!

A few words by Rebecca-Jane

I first became worried about the climate crisis while studying climate change and carbon management as part of my Chemical Engineering degree. I mostly just tried to do my bit to live greener whilst simultaneously fluctuating between states of eco-angst and convincement that everything was fine (everything was not fine). I got involved with other areas of social activism but had not taken action against climate change. I wanted to change that.

With the help of an amazing team of filmmakers and all round creative people, I will be producing a documentary film about the range of climate actions happening across the Ireland of Island in the run up to the COP26. We hope the film will spread awareness about the work being done by young people, activists, creative groups, and everyone in between who are fighting to combat climate change.

Check out Climate Action on Film for more details!

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